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Cola speaks on fugitive’s case

While the general public may not be overly concerned over the whereabouts of Nanes-Schnitizer or the crimes he is being accused of, the Coalition Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) has made a re-appearance via a release being issued on the matter whilst comparing it to recent local incidents.  The release begins by asking the question, “How does Belize’s justice system reconcile granting bail to a man accused of grave crimes, who is no longer a Belizean and never truly was, while two young mothers are sent to jail over the weekend for a relatively minor offence?”  The release went on to question the systems in place for vetting a foreigner prior to being nationalized as well as the Attorney General, as it pertains to the standards for bail.  The document reads, quote, “We are left to ask this following the events involving David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer, a man of many names and even more money, who has apparently managed to comprehensively intrude into Belize, buying everyone in his path, in an attempt to distance himself from one of the largest fraud schemes in history.  Meanwhile, these born Belizean young women and parents can’t even get the two top Magistrates to reconsider opening their case after indicating an intent to plead guilty to their crime, depriving them of an opportunity to return to their children.  One crime is not better than another. We make no defense of the women, but neither do we condone David Schnitzer. Admission to bail is a right, not a privilege. After the facts of the case have been considered, the Magistrate or Judge is to act in the interest of the citizenry, but even more importantly, in the interest of the accused, who otherwise faces being held against his or her will.  It has not escaped us that Schnitzer lost his Belizean nationality after it was found that he obtained it with false information, given to some of the same people who facilitated the Citizen Kim matter. And he got that fraudulent nationality three years ago, less than a year before Kim attempted to get his.  The David Schnitzer matter deserves full and thorough investigation. We need to hear publicly from the Minister for Immigration and Nationality, the so-called “Lockdown Minister”, to find out why he couldn’t lock this one down. We need to hear from the new Attorney General, to say what standards are in place for bail grant and procedure. And also, from the Minister of National Security, about why Schnitzer was not properly vetted by his agencies before being allowed improperly to share a piece of the Jewel.  COLA will not remain silent. Our mission is to remove every last fetter on the liberty of our people, and we will not falter, we will not fail.  Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”  End of quote.