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COLA: the problem is “border issues”

COLA’s President Geovanni Brackett, says that the problem is not Guatemala’s claim but rather “border issues”. Taking a page out of US President Donald Trump’s book, Brackett suggested that there is a need for immigration reform and even close the border.
Geovanni Brackett, President of COLA: “What Belize has is not, this claim is not really the issue, what we do have and what we will have a win or without a win at the ICJ is border issues. The great America has immigration issues, has border issues, we have it aswell, countries around the world have it. We need to try to solve our border issues, the incursions and stuff like that, strengthening the borderline probably looking at immigration policies to bring in maybe our African brethren or so forth who are into agriculture I know that might sound strange but there are many refugees, refugees don’t only come from Guatemala or from Panama, El Salvador. We have so many of our CARICOM brethren who would want to relocate, who may have good plans let them occupy the border but we have a border problem, that is what we need to try to solve. We need to close the border, there are things that you can do that only in Belize it seems like closing a border seems drastic but countries that have real issues as it relates to border issues and a country that has a claim on them you don’t call those people friends, you could say colleagues if you are going to be diplomatic but you’re definitely not friends. Friends don’t go and try to strong your stuff, friends don’t send people into your yard to take things out of your house.”

Border disputes are quite common amongst countries that are neighbours. Belize and Guyana are both former British colonies who have border disputes with its neighbours.