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COLA Wants a National Shut Down

The Government of Belize has flexed their muscles against the Belize Territorial Volunteers and the People’s United Party has expressed their discontent with the move to present a Statutory Instrument.  The Citizens organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), however, has no time for talk and press releases.  Tonight, the group, led by Geovanni Brackett is calling for a national shut down.  Their two paragraph document sent out reads, quote, “The government of Belize latest action to pass a “knee jerk” law that prohibits citizens from going into the Belize’s portion of the Sarstoon River is a gross act of cowardice.  This latest action proves the government’s lack of priority as it relates to the issue of national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Instead of ensuring that illegal encroachments come to halt, the government seeks to muzzle its citizen’s right to free movement in its own country.  COLA condemns this latest moved by the government and calls for a national shut down. For far too long Belize has lack true leadership as it relates to this issue and it is time for the citizens of Belize to rise up and demand better.”  That is all that was written – a call for a national shut down but no definitive plan as to when, how or even the thought of a consultation with the private sector on such a move.  A long holiday weekend is upon us and with the way things are up to news time tonight, any number can play as emotions remain fluid.