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Government & Politics

COLA Writes to the National Assembly on 3 Points

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA, has taken the initiative to write to all the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. President of COLA, Geovanni Brackett, spoke to Love News about the content of the letter.


“The Executive of COLA came up with the idea that we should engage each member of the House directly because we have members that are voters in each of their constituents and so we have decided to engage them on calling their attention to COLA’s campaign that we are doing nationally as to pushing forward to build the base at the Sarstoon Area. We believe that too many times that the members of the House, rather than speaking on behalf of their constituents, what they do most of the time is speak on behalf of their party, political issues  and that doesn’t really help the voters in their area in terms of their issues and concerns as it relates to national issues and policies.  We look at the situation in other countries like the United States you can write your Congressman or Senator to speak on your behalf in their House and to bring attention to the issue and so, we have written these letters to all the members of the House, the Speaker of the House and other relevant bodies to bring the attention to our campaign on the three matters namely to have Minister Elrington be removed as the Foreign Minister, to build the base now and third to visit our agreements with Guatemala.”


“What makes you believe that they would open or read the letter?”


“Well, we do not have any guarantee to that but that wouldn’t be a disrespect to COLA it would be a disrespect to any rational person who is trying to advocate to an issue it just tells you the kind of mindset some of our political leaders have.”


“Do you believe that those Area Reps that make up the UDP government will just dismiss the letters?”


“I’ve had about two or three members of the Cabinet who have spoken to me directly and I know the views that they share so I believe there is still some good chances that we get through to some members of the Cabinet as well.”


“Now I imagine you would also be sending this to Minister Elrington himself; what do you expect?”


“To him, I have to respect him as well because he needs to take a poll, a lot of my supporters come from out of his constituency, maybe he’ll have a change of heart.”

The letters were sent today to the Clerk of the National Assembly who is being asked to distribute the letters to each member’s constituency office and to each Senator, as well as to other relevant parties.

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