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COLA’s President Says His Court Case Is Being Dragged On

Last year, the President of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) Geovanni Bracket, along with five others was arrested for allegedly burning tires on the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. This happened during October when the teachers were on their strike. Investigators believe that Brackett and others set fires ablaze on the bridge as a political statement against the government of Belize.  Brackett, believed to be the ring leader, was charged for causing a bonfire to be set. The case was called before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith but it was adjourned.  Attorney Kareem Musa spoke to the media.


“It was supposed to be for a trial but the prosecution was once again at a loss. They did not have their disclosure ready. They were supposed to have partial disclosure on the last date. They were supposed to give us the remaining disclosure December 16 and even to this day we have not received disclosure but there was an undertaking given today before the Chief Magistrate that the disclosure would be made today. Hopefully by the end of today we get that.”


“I was hoping that we would have gotten this over with today. I think that it has been dragged far too long for a misdemeanor . Am I right? It’s not like we’re being charged for murder. I think that the political directorate of the day, if they would show the same vigor against their very own people who can scam people out of hundreds of thousands of land deals and cheat this country out of precious land. If we can go after the murderers of Pastor Lucas, who conspired against Pastor Lucas, there’s so many different things we can go after but we choose to go after some shadow boxing. Today is just a day when we can see that justice is being pulled in the wrong direction but nevertheless we stand here innocent and I am thankful for having my attorney Kareem Musa to stick with us.”


Also charged were a 16-year-old minor, a 17 year old minor and 23-year-old Adrian Avaloy. They were charged for the offence of “Setting fire”. Like Brackett, 30-year-old ClayburnPascacio was charged with Cause a Bonfire to be set”.The case goes to trial on March 22.