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Collaboration Begins with Media and Police

Today a successful event called “Media Dialogue” with the Eastern Division South Police and the media houses of Belize City was held. Five media houses were present including Love News. The meeting was to discuss the ongoing relationship between the two parties, sharing ideas, and finding solutions to concerns. Issues such as covering more positive police related stories, protocols on crime scenes, timely press releases, and frequent police feedback were discussed. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams explained why the dialogue between the two parties is important.

CHESTER WILLIAMS: “I must say that I am very grateful for the attendance at the workshop today with the different media houses. I think that it’s the way to go that when we have issues we bring it to the table and we discuss it and we see how we could arrive at solutions to address those issues. When we have personalities clashing and personality issues and we are out there making statements against each other it does not help us so I think the workshop was the right way to address the issues and I think the each media house was able to put their issues on the table and it was not a situation where anybody dictates; we discussed together and we arrived at amicable solutions for us to be able to move forward and I’m very optimistic that the relationship between us and the media will continue to grow. I also believe that the media has a role to play in society and we the police must also be able to facilitate the media in playing that role where getting information out of the public is concerned.”

The dialogue today should bring forth better communications and relationship with the police and media. Some of the resolutions made today included media houses agreeing to be more sensitive while on crime scenes while police agreed to be more cooperative on weekends, and issue more press releases.