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Collecting agent stopped and robbed; escapes unharmed

A collecting agent, an employee of Beeline Company was robbed of over twelve thousand dollars on Monday. That is what he has reported to police, who have launched an investigation into the incident. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino provided details of what happened.

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino:Edison Cayes a 27 year old collecting agent for Beeline reported that he was on the Philip Goldson Highway and he was exiting San Jose Village heading in the direction of Orange Walk. He was driving his vehicle and another vehicle passed him and stopped immediately in front of him causing him to stop his vehicle. Two armed individuals exited that vehicle and they were both masked and they approached his vehicle and relieved him of a bag which had $12,282 which was the month’s collection from Beeline company. That matter is under investigation.”

There has been some buzz that the Beeline robbery could have been an inside job.  The police are investigating.  Calles was not harmed during the robbery.