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Collet Goes to Hopkins

In June 2015, Area Representative for the Collet Division, Patrick Faber came under scrutiny when he chartered twenty two buses to Corozal to take his constituents on a trip dubbed Family Day.  To date he still takes jabs at that initiative particularly from members of the opposition party.  Despite this, however, Faber seems to be making it somewhat of a tradition as over the weekend he chartered several buses and took his constituents to Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District.  The weekend trip came as no surprise as he did make note of it in Friday’s Sitting of the House of Representatives.


I went to the ATM Caves for the first time. I took my two little sons 9 and 11 Christian and Patrick and we crossed the river and we went through the cave, it was a life changing experience. To see the skeletons, the pottery all that is going on there and many Belizeans have never gotten the chance in fact when the school children from St. Edmund Champeon School in Tea Kettle they travelled all the way to the back to sing the National Anthem and when you asked them how many of them have been in that cave to see that they say not many of them which gives me a chance to plug that many people in this country do not see the beauty of this country so I hope none of them don’t talk when I take my 22 busloads of people to Hopkins on Sunday because they don’t see this country, our people don’t get to see. You are welcome but not tacos, Hudut and Sere we are going south.”

During the Family Day on Saturday, July 1, Minister Faber addressed the over two hundred persons who attended.


A family does all kinds of things together and one of those things that they do is bond together and when I saw what happened in Corozal noh kay whe deh tell me after that that could not stop me from once again putting together a family day and from that time we said the next time it will be in Hopkins family and everybody was waiting for Hopkins and we are finally here today. From donations and from support from the government of Belize it gets us to know our country, it promotes culture, and you know that I am also the Minister of Culture so I want to say to people of as well thank you for always that there is a love that you have for me and I have for you as well and that is what bothers those PUPs, that is what bothers them.”

Minister Faber had also taken two hundred senior citizens to Bird’s Isle for a day as part of his Family Day initiative.