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Collet Morter called out to his death


Police are looking into another homicide that occurred last night just after nine o’clock in Belize City.

Police are looking into another homicide that occurred last night just after nine o’clock in Belize City.  19-year-old Collet Morter was inside his home on Gladden Street watching television with some friends when someone called for him outside.  Morter stepped outside and was shot to death. According to his mother, upon receiving the news she was shocked but not surprised because of the increase of crime in the streets of Belize City.

Doreen Baltazar, Mother of Deceased: “The police they came, they knocked on my door. When I answered they asked me about the different tattoos my son had and they kind of beat around the bush but eventually they said “Ma’am there was a shooting and your son got shot and he didn’t make it.” I had no reaction. Belize is coming to a place where you have to expect everything and anything. Collet was my first born, he was a clown, an antagonizer to his brother and sister and just a cool person. Everybody Collet got a long with. The type of person I am Collet wouldn’t come to me because I don’t tolerate stupidness like that you know ? I’m very paranoid, if he would come in my house sweaty and angry I would want to know immediately what the problem is; he would say “Mom nothing.” and he would calm down right away.”

Reporter: What do you say you would miss the most about him ?

Doreen Baltazar, Mother of Deceased: Being a clown. He gets on my nerves every time he comes to this house, that is the only thing I couldn’t stand about my son and you know what I will miss it. I will miss it.”

Reporter: Do you have anything to say to the public because there’s a string of murders and shooting happening in so little time. Is there anything you want to say regarding that?

Doreen Baltazar, Mother of Deceased: “I just want to say you know what all of us need to be strong you know ? The neighborhood needs to get more united with each other because neighbors right now are keeping to themselves, they would see your children doing something and instead of scolding them they turn their back and walk the next way you understand ? That is what I want. I want the community to get back together.”

Morter leaves behind a four-month-old daughter.

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