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Collision at busy Cleghorn Street intersection send three people to the hospital

So far, police are continuing their investigations into this morning’s road incident at the corner of Slaughterhouse Road and Cleghorn Street, a stone’s throw away from our news centre. Dale McDougall has been following the story. Here’s what he found out thus far. 

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: A loud bang, that’s what residents who live near our studios heard this morning sometime at around 10:30. The frightening din came after two pickups collided at the corner of Slaughterhouse Road and Cleghorn Street. As relayed to us by residents off camera, this red late model Ford Ranger was coming out of Slaughterhouse Rd. and was met with a sudden impact of this grey Nissan pickup coming from Cleghorn St. into Slaughterhouse Rd. The impact of the collision sent the red truck to the side of the street hitting a mother and her daughter who reportedly just walked out of Stationery House. At that same time, this man was heading out of Slaughterhouse Rd. apparently after deposing some recyclable bottles at Bowen & Bowen at the end of the street. The two females received injuries to their bodies and had to be taken to the KHMH. The man in this case received the brunt of the injuries after receiving a large cut wound after he and his bike ended up underneath the red truck. He was bleeding profusely and first responders had to quickly ferry him to the KHMH. Tonight, the conditions of the three people are unknown and police continued collecting samples and taking pictures well after midday today temporarily closing the street. The drivers of the trucks – police questioned them at the scene. Dale McDougall, Love News.