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Collision of Motorcyles Leave Two Men Dead

Two men are dead as a result of a motorcycle accident in southern Belize.  Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.


“Two persons are dead as a result of a road traffic accident that occurred on the Stann Creek Valley Road last night. Police here say that they were called out to an area between miles 5 and 6 at about 8:15pm where they observed two male persons lying off the right hand side of the road from the direction from east to west suffering from severe head injuries. Both persons were transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead. Reliable sources say that the horrible accident claimed the lives of the men on the spot. They were later identified as 29-year-old, William Trugedo and 32-year-old, David McFerson of Sittee River Village. Police’s preliminary investigation revealed that the two were travelling on separate motorcycles in opposite directions when they collided. As a result both men sustained severe head and body injuries. The two motorcycles that were seen in the area were extensively damaged.”