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Collision on George Price Highway leaves one man dead

One man is dead following a fatal traffic incident at around 8 o’clock on Christmas night on the George Price Highway. The incident involved a Shaw Bus and a green Rodeo which was extensively damaged. In the rodeo were the driver Albert Garnett and 55-year-old Earl Hamilton. Garnett died on the spot while Hamilton was taken to the hospital for treatment. Love News spoke to the conductor of the bus, Orlando Vasquez who shared what he saw.

Orlando Vasquez, Bus conductor

“We just saw the vehicle cut into the bus. There is no way the driver could have cut away from that because the driver turned off of the road to give the vehicle way but the vehicle still came head-on with the bus. No, no he was not overtaking I don’t know if he just lost control or what but he just came into the bus. From Belmopan towards Belize and we were going from Belize going to Benque. I don’t know if he lost control but he just came into the bus, ran straight into the bus. He looked as if though he was going maximum speed. We were going  about 35-40 miles per hour.”

The driver of the bus received minor injuries.