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Colonel Azriel Loria Named as the New Brigadier General of the BDF

Brigadier General Steven Ortega, Commander of the Belize Defence Force, will be retiring this month and his replacement has been named as Colonel Azriel Loria. The announcement was made today by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Defense and National Security, Oscar Mira. According to Mira, Colonel Loria, who is the current Deputy Commander, will officially be sworn in at next year’s BDF Day.

Oscar Mira, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence and National Security: “Belize Defence Force finds itself now at the stage where the current commander which is General Ortega has reached his retirement age, he has reached his four years of service as the Commander of the Belize Defence Force and as the SI states after four years it is time for you to leave. There is Colonel Loria who is the Deputy Commander at this point in time qualified and very much in tuned with what is happening at this time with the Belize Defence Force and he has been nominated and recommended by our ministry to be the next commanding officer for the Belize Defence Force. He is the main point person at this point in time. We do have other qualified persons but we believe that Colonel Loria which is the Deputy Commander of the Belize Defence Force at this point in time is going to assume command next year. There will be a handing over ceremony at the end of January that’s BDF day we usually have it at that point in time and that is when the transition of command will be done.”