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Come Back Dr. Cuellar, says the KHMHA’s Union

Last week we reported that Dr. Fernando Cuellar resigned from the Board of Governors at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA). The very vocal and critical doctor sent a message to a WhatsApp group saying, quote, “I urge that your decision process and policy creation have the allegiance to the Belizean populace exclusively. Thank you for your tolerance over the past 2 months.” End of quote. Dr Cuellar resigned after Health Minister, Michel Chebat expressed that the KHMHA Board needed to step up and do their duties. Today newly elected President of the KHMHA Workers Union, Andrew Baird says they want Dr Cuellar back on the board.

Andrew Baird, President, KHMH Workers Union: “Especially now that we have a seat on the board it is a very much concerning for us at the union. We would want to actually ask the minister to call back or to ask Dr.Fernando to rescind his resignation and to represent the KHMH on that board. I mean Dr.Cuellar carries the essence of the type of people that we want on the board. People who have Karl Heusner and the services that Karl Heusner provides as interests, the person who has the nation at interest because Karl Heusner is the national referral center, this is where every single Jack, Tom, Dick and Harry comes to Karl Heusner when they have an emergency and things and Karl Heusner can provide much better services but it’s also based on the representation that we have on the board and the interest that those on the board has. But definitely now that we have a seat on the board of Karl Heusner certainly is going to make a difference. The staff now has a voice to be a part of the decision making for the institution. I want to say that th staff of this institution is the biggest stakeholder as far as Karl Heusner is concerned and that voice should have been there a long time ago.”