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Commander Rear Admiral Elton Bennett Comments on the Blue Bond

Prime Minister John Briceno today met with representatives from the World Wildlife Fund for discussions to establish a process towards realizing a Project Finance for Permanence, PFP. The PFP is an integral part of a Memorandum of Understanding that PM Briceno signed with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It is actually the first step towards the Blue Bonds Programme. Today’s meeting was to further facilitate fund development for the continued management of protected areas and conservation in Belize. The PFP will define the scope of the collaboration; the finance model that will be followed for durable climate-smart conservation; and be open to further agreements connected to the conservation goals. This is all good news for the Belize Coast Guard which is a key unit for enforcement. Commander Rear Admiral Elton Bennett says the Blue Bonds Program will actually jump-start a lot of projects.

Rear Admiral, Elton Bennett, Commander, Belize Coast Guard: “There’s an opportunity for us to do more, to increase our numbers, to acquire more equipment and assets and this is where our ambitions come to play when it comes to acquiring larger patrol boats. That’s the discussion that’s happening now at the Ministry of National Defense and Border Security. Our minister is actively pursuing that initiative. It’s been a long time that we’re talking about acquiring patrols boats that can patrol our exclusive economic zone and to go beyond that twelve mile limit well into the exclusive economic zone.  So the blue bond initiative is sort of forcing us to move quicker on that program. So we’re grateful for that and we see it as an opportunity for the  Belize Coast Guard to step in that direction. So that will allow us to get out in the exclusive economic zone , acquiring those two patrol boats.”