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Commander Vidal on Meet & Greet

The media had been following the police on a weekly basis for their meet and greet sessions with Belize City residents. Over the last few weeks however, there was somewhat of a pause. Today, the media was invited once more and Senior Superintendent of Police Marco Vidal clarified that the sessions were never halted. What had happened is that they have considered one of the concerns raised by residents and why the media was kept away for some time. Commander Vidal explained.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, Belize Rural South

“When the cameras are around they shy away because they don’t want certain people to get the impression that they are giving information about them.  Generally that is not the case, it is just people expressing what their concerns are and we welcome that because that is what allows us to better police that area. I have done it on my own and I have seen where there is greater interaction, people open further.”

With that clarified, the Commander went on to say what the residents think about the recent spate of gun violence in the old capital.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, Belize Rural South

“I do believe that the issue is to get as much as we can from the residents and their concerns so that we can better address the matters that are more pressing for them. I thik that the issue of the quick response by police to apprehend the suspects I think that gives them some reassurance and that we are in fact addressing the issue.  There are some areas that are a little bit tense obviously because of the friction that is occurring between rival gangs but we intend to do everything to bring that to a halt.”

The sessions are held by police officers every Wednesday across the country.