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Commission of Inquiry to Resume Duties

During the Joint Unions dispute with the Government, on April 16, the PSU representative on the Commission of Inquiry Luis Martinez announced that he would be withdrawing from the Commission. Martinez read an explosive statement in which he accused the government of selling assets, the very same type that the Commission was investigating. Martinez walked out and another session has yet to be held. That was two months ago, but today Chair of the Commission Andrew Marshalleck informed Love News that the Commission of Inquiry will resume its duties shortly.

SC Andrew Marshalleck, Chair of the Commission:

SC Andrew Marshalleck, Chair of the Commission:  I got a communication from Mr.Martinez saying that he’s ready to proceed so it’s a matter of making the arrangements for another hearing to be held now.”

Reporter: How soon do you expect to know ?

SC Andrew Marshalleck, Chair of the Commission:  “I haven’t looked at the schedule, we need to agree a date, it’s just logistics making sure the room is available and everybody is available.”

Reporter:  You continue with the same list of witnesses or do you go ahead and review those as well.

SC Andrew Marshalleck, Chair of the Commission: “I haven’t discussed it with my fellow commissioners but I expect we will pick up where we left off with the list that was due on the last occasion when the hearing didn’t proceed. We had adjourned because they had indicated they would not sit, now that they’ve indicated that they will we can move forward.”

It is expected that former UDP Minister Anthony Martinez will appear before the Commission since he was the last witness to be called before Martinez withdrew himself.