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Commissioner Chester Williams Gets His First Jab

One man looking after his health is the Police Commissioner. Commissioner Chester Williams got his Covid-19 vaccination earlier today at the Belmopan Training Academy.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The experience was good. I have always said that when it was my time to take the vaccine I would take it and as front line workers, police officers I believe it’s important for us to take the vaccine for the simple fact that we interact everyday with people from all walks of life and when we do interact with people we do not know what their medical status is. And so it is important for us to do this. It is not like we are well equipped with the different PPEs to protect ourselves so I believe that the greatest guard we have against contracting the COVID19 virus is the vaccine. Taking the vaccine is something that a person must decide individually. There is no mandatory vaccination being imposed by the government and so even though we are a disciplined organization I cannot instruct someone to do something that goes against their health or what they believe may go against their health. And so all the recruits who are being vaccinated today are doing so on their own free will and as a matter of fact not all of them are being vaccinated. If it was a command it would have been every single one of them.”

Police Commissioner Williams was recently out of the country and had to subscribe to the Covid-19 protocols as a non-vaccinated person. Williams spoke of his travel experience under the circumstances.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “You are quite familiar with the protocols regarding persons who are entering the country from abroad and the current protocol does not dictate that one who enters the country goes into quarantine. It says that you are to bring along with you either a PCR or your rapid test for the past I think seventy two hours and that is exactly what I did. Before leaving Costa Rica I took a COVID test and I brought the result with me which was negative and that was presented at the different airports I had to pass through to get to Belize.”