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Commissioner donates to Dara feeding program

The Belize Police Department intends to spread positivity for the New Year. The Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) personally contributed several cooking items to Dara’s Feeding Program today

The Belize Police Department intends to spread positivity for the New Year. The Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) personally contributed several cooking items to Dara’s Feeding Program today. As you may recall, on Wednesday, Joel “Dara” Robinson stated that his feeding program was on Life support. The feeding program feeds at least fifty school children per day during their lunch break. Ever since he sought out the media to publicize this issue, he has garnered support from the community. COMPOL stated that this latest donation is from various businesses along with himself.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The feeding program is very essential to many of our young persons. You know sometimes the people who come here to be fed that might be the only sensible meal for the day and so it is very important, it gratifies me to see that we have somebody like Dara who is interested in looking out for our young people, feeding children that he doesn’t even know. So it goes to show that we do have good people in our society and I would again appeal to the public,  those persons who have the mans to see what they can do to also help because what is being given today is not going to last forever. When that is over he’ll need to have more grocery items to continue the program and it’s something we wouldn’t want to stop, we want it to continue and so he is not a man of substantial means but he is still trying to do what he can with what he has and what people are offering for him to be able to further the good work that he is doing. Dara will be blessed by the almighty, him and his wife for the work that they do and I want that us as Belizeans can really look at it and appreciate what he’s doing for our young persons in the society. I got some from some business people and I purchased some from my own personal money. As a part of our community policing initiatives we try to see how we can help with social programs and I believe that this is a very good program that the police can help with. I know we once had a feeding program in the Yabra area, we know what the costings are because it was a steep cost for us that we had to stop and so we know the difficulty that comes with maintaining these programs. That’s the reason why I’m saying we need to get together those of us who have the means to see how we could work with Dara to make sure that this program continues, that he can continue to feed those young persons out there who may not be able to get a hot meal for the day. So this is something good for us to continue.”

Robinson stated that the last time the Police were at his home it was to arrest him.

Joel ‘Dara’ Robinson, Philanthropist: “I feel blessed. I think I should have done this eight years or maybe fives years ago because the out pour of support and the love from the community and the business place is pouring in – not some in hand yet but we get good plus with it and I feel blessed that I don’t have to stress over the rest of months and I have food and finance to continue the program. I must say three times police have entered this yard, once for some children that were not attending school, the second they were doing community work and the third time they came for me; now this fourth time is a blessing and I have to big up the commissioner. I mean, the man does a lot of grass roots things and tries a lot of and we don’t have a lot of police like that. We hear a lot of the negative because when you’re trying to bring it real you will take lick. I’m taking my lick on social media too but I try to pray and keep myself focused. I really want to thank you on behalf of Dara’s Feeding program because the man told me he would get a little love but this is big love, I didn’t expect so much food from him and thanks to the business people and yourself for donating. Bless.”

If you wish to assist Robinson, you can contact him at 623-3662.