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Commissioner of Police comments on dispute between top cops

After a long absence from office, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie is back and today he spoke with the media on a number of issues including his long absence. We will bring you what he said but first we take a look at his take on the ongoing saga between Southside Commander Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal and his predecessor Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. We have seen on national television the escalating tension between both officers, as Commander Vidal alluded that ACP Williams was accommodating criminals while commanding the same division. Days after, Williams sent Vidal a letter through his lawyer threatening a lawsuit. In mid-September, Acting Commissioner Noel Leal said they had spoken with both officers to keep their issues hidden from the public eye.  Today, Whylie said he is yet to be briefed about the matter, but adds that Vidal’s statement is a matter of interpretation.


Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“What I’ve known is things I’ve heard in the media, I hear you say Mr.Vidal said certain things I don’t know if Mr. Vidal said certain things it’s a matter of interpretation. My understanding was that he was answering a question or a hypothetical or something I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with any of those officers I don’t know what has been done since it occurred in my absence but it is things that I will be following up. There are number of things that I need to follow up on and that is one of the things that I will definitely be following up on.”


But that’s one issue; another is that there is a growing distrust of Vidal’s leadership in various sectors of the Belize City community. But as we found out today, that is just how some people feel. The Commissioner remains confident in the Southside Commander’s capabilities.


Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“I have no doubt in terms of the leadership and capability of Mr.Vidal. As I said across the length and breadth of this country criminals are at work, all they need is a few seconds and an opportunity to do what they want to do. Strategies are strategies they are flexible and so we’ve got to look at what we’re doing and see where we can improve it but again I say the answer to the crime situation lies with the populace. It’s a societal problem and the police are just one of the wheels in the fight against crime.”