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Commissioner of Police Comments on PC Morale Not Receiving Proper Training

In related news, as Police Constable Juan Morales faces the possibility of unemployment reports of how he even got into the Belize Police Department. Love News understands that Morales became an officer after serving as a special constable for a number of years. Reportedly, his ascension into the department came without the traditional training at the Belize Police Academy which is now creating some controversy. Yesterday Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams was asked if the department will be looking into officers who may have entered the rank and file without the proper training needed to engage the public.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The police officer was a paid special constable doing police work. He had the power like any police constable across the country. He had the power of arrest as a special constable and he was arresting people as a special constable. So giving him a regulation number was not giving him additional powers, he had the same powers and while yes he may not have come to the academy to go through the formal training they did the normal special constable training I think it was twelve years ago he did that and he has had the best training, on the job training. He was a special constable for over twelve years working with the police, doing the work of police officers everyday. He was highly recommended by his OC to be given a regulation number, I don’t see nothing wrong with it many others have gotten that opportunity and that should not be a factor into what transpired because like I said he has been trained on the job he has also undergone the special constable training and a part of that training is the justifiable use of force and harm. Every special constable, every police officer goes through that training.”

Williams also noted that Morales will face disciplinary charges internally surrounding his behaviour in the incident involving slain soldier, Jessie Escobar.