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Commissioner of Police is back on the job

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie is back in office after being out on vacation leave and on a long sick leave. In his absence, there have been a number of speculations that have surfaced and most surround his ability to continue as the head of the Department. Today he refuted those speculations and said he is back in full force.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“There is always speculation about people. I am made of flesh and bones, contrary to people’s opinion I am not a machine and there are times that we are subject to being ill and I have been ill but I’m back and pleased to be back. I will continue to give my 110% and that is where that is. I am the commissioner of police today and I am the Commissioner of Police until such time. I will not concern myself or worry about things that I have no control over. What I will do is continue to perform as best as I have been able to and I disagree with you in terms of saying that the administration since I’ve been commissioner has not been of the best because during my four years and counting we’ve had ups and downs in terms of crime; we’ve seen crime especially being murder be at its lowest point, we’ve never had to the highest peak although we have been there but we have to understand is that there are ebbs and flows and cycles of crimes. I cannot concern myself in terms of the naysayers I’ve got to remain focused on the task at hand and it’s a huge task and not one that anyone can doubt themselves. We are over 2,000 strong and of course there are other persons within the department who have their own ambitions and I respect them but as the Commissioner of Police I will remain focused on the task at hand.”

At 49, Commissioner Whylie has six more years to serve in his position and said he is not planning on leaving before his mandate is up.