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Commissioner of Police Says Most Murders Are Not Preventable

In an interview done with the Commissioner of Police earlier today, our reported asked the following:


Sir, you mention that your department is doing its best but do you think it’s doing enough?”


“Well, we are doing the best under the circumstances.  Am I satisfied with where we are?  No, I am not because yes, the crimes are occurring; we have seen reductions, as I have said before, in all the various categories of major crimes with the exception of murders.  So, there are the positive things that the department is doing.  The murders – majority of the murders are not preventable; how do you prevent a person from being killed in their home?  What else could the police have taken?  What individual steps?  So, there are their responsibilities, individual citizens also have the right to ensure that they are aware of their environment and that they take necessary steps to ensure that they are safe.  We continue to be challenged because we have not been getting the kind of information or intelligence to be more proactive in terms of preventing.  You’ve seen the splintering within the gangs in Belize City and we’ve taken a number of steps to neutralize that.  As I’ve said, we’ve put a number of VCPs in certain areas; we’ve put out our mobile command centres in some areas, we’ve stepped up on the stop and search.  I’m certain that as you have been around as well as other citizens have been around, they have seen those officers on the ground.  The issue is that the police department has got to be right one hundred percent of the times; the criminal only needs one opportunity, one second to be able to do what they need to do.  So, as I have always said, we will continue to be out there; we will be trying to arrest the situation but the answer lies with the citizens, the answer lies with the individuals who are involved in these sorts of things.  There are parents, there are wives, and there are husbands who are aware of what is taking place and most people would say it does not concern me but when it reaches their doors, then there is this hue and cry.  We have got to come together collectively, as a society to address and deal with this situation.  WE are out there and we are trying to deal with it but it will take more than the Belize Police Department to get it done.”

The Commissioner was interviewed at a training program held at the Princess Ramada Hotel.