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Commissioner says we need Motorcycle Education to prevent Accidents

All the accidents, the six lives lost in one weekend, has prompted the police to address motorcycles in particular. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said the police department would embark on a national media sensitization campaign. The Compol said he will instruct the Commander of the National Traffic Branch to make media rounds and disseminate safety tips on the use and laws regarding motorcycles.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “As a department, we have become concerned and even more now since this past weekend that we have a total of six fatalities, all of which are involving motorcycles. We know that motorcycles by law are vehicles and the use of them is permissible on the roads but we have become concerned over the fact that the motorcycle riders have become somewhat reckless in the handling of these motorcycles on our highways. So what we will be doing, we will be putting together a team which will be led by Commander of Operations who will be looking at putting together a motorcycle safety pamphlet. Those pamphlets will be developed and once developed which I am hoping will between now and Wednesday we will then be conducting national operations on each and every highway and major road with a view to distribute and sensitize the public particularly motorcycle riders as it relates to the rules of the use of the road. I know that most of you here are drivers and you will see that sometimes you are on the highway and even within Belize City and you will see motorcycles just fly past you on the wrong side overtaking. That is very dangerous. We also see motorcycle riders riding without helmets and we also see instances where motorcycles have three or more passengers when in fact it should be two the most. We have also seen where motorcycle riders use the pedestrian crossing as a means of moving from one side of the road to the other; those are things that we need to address and my thing will be moving forward is that we must enforce the law where these motorcycles are concerned as well as other vehicles that use the highway because yes while for the most fault the motorcycle riders are at fault for being reckless there are instances where the drivers of the vehicles are at fault so we have to address it from both angles with a view to see how best we can make our highways safer for all its users. Yes, it will be difficult but we want to find ways as to how we can reach out to as many persons as we can.”