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Commissioner says all is well between him and his Deputy Edward Broaster

Williams’ ascension has triggered another shuffle in the top ranks of the department. His first Deputy Commissioner is now Edward Broaster, who also the Commander of National Operations and Crime. But it is no secret to the public that both men have had a history of bad blood dating back to just about a decade. Today, they now sit side by side at the head of the department. So, of course, Commissioner Williams was asked about this and their working relationship.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Indeed myself and Mr. Broaster we do have a very good cordial and respectful working relationship. I know my role, Mr. Broaster knows his role and the Belize Police Department is bigger than both myself and Mr. Broaster and so in terms of us working together contrary to what people may believe we do enjoy a very respectful and cordial relationship so I don’t foresee any difficulties with us working together in ensuring that we fulfill the mandate so those who are sitting on the corner waiting to see something happen they can put away the popcorn because nothing is going to happen.”

Reporting directly under Deputy Commissioner Broaster are Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvette, who retains the role of assistant Commander for Crimes; and Marco Vidal, who is now promoted to Assistant Commander for Operations.