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Commissioner speaks on lock down measures

Since November 28, the entire country of Belize has been under a curfew of 10pm to 5am. The current curfew expires on December 19 and with no announcement of an extension, the question on many minds is if maybe Belize needs more than just a curfew, but rather a lockdown. Love FM took that question to social media today.  One person in favor of the lockdown responded saying,  “let’s not place the economy over people, there is always the possibility of rebuilding the economy”.  On the flip side to that, another user noted, quote, “A lockdown will not stop the virus. The virus will still be here after the lockdown. We need to learn to live with the virus”. Some users felt that other measures should be focused on as another person commented, quote, “Give a fine for not following protocols of control care, such as social distance,the wearing of proper face masks,etc.”  Speaking to the media on the suggestion of a lockdown was the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Many of our people do not want to live under a lockdown. Many of our people complain just by hearing of a lockdown while there are some who are calling for a lockdown. But my thing is that if it is that we do not want a lockdown we can make sure there’s none. We just simply need to adhere to the regulations simple as that but when it reaches the stage where people are exercising their free will and again you’d know that the greatest gift God gave us is free will and when we are exercising that free will without due care for others or even for ourselves and if the virus continues to spread recklessly then it will force the government to do something to protect those persons who are not able to protect themselves. You would find that the people who are dying are no those who are out there behaving recklessly it is those persons who are doing their best to protect others. Look for example the two doctors, these are men who for Christ sakes spent their life to save others and where are they today? It is sad and the issue of lockdown is not one that I am going to speak to, it is a matter for the government to decide and the government is going to decide that based on how the public responds to the regulations but if it is that we do not want a lockdown, we want to enjoy moving around then for Christ sake let us make some responsible decisions in terms of how we do things and follow the regulations and that’s all we need to do. If we do that we’ll be in a better position than we are today.”