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Commissioner Tells BNTU to Do its Job

The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) sent a press release regarding the murder of school Principal Alarice Andrewin. BNTU President Elena Smith said shockwaves were felt across its membership with the knowledge of Andrewin’s passing who was a stalwart member and supporter of BNTU activities. Smith chided the Compol when she said QUOTE “It has almost become the norm, that as soon as the Commissioner of Police and other personnel at the Ministry of National Security boast of a reduction in crime, there is almost an immediate increase. WE recall most recently a young student, Kyron Green, of St. Luke Methodist Primary School, and so many other innocent victims who have fallen prey to the continuous lawless behavior being displayed in our streets across this nation. We call out those of you who have been a appointed and placed in positions of authority to ensure that crime is brought to a minimum to do your jobs!” UNQUOTE. That didn’t settle lightly with the Commissioner Chester Williams who politely responded today by indicating that the BNTU President should do her job as well.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “I would like to tell the Teachers Union to do their job too, I don’t know what they expect the police to do. We don’t mind everybody homes, we have been doing a lot and as a member of the media, I am sure you will agree with me that you have seen a marked reduction in crime. For people who want to sit and blame the police for every crime that occurs, I say shame on them because we all have a responsibility including the Teachers Union. Teachers spend more time with our children than we spend with them at home. Let’s be real, I don’t want to sound off here but we cannot be pointing fingers in other areas and feel like it is not being pointed back at us. This must be a collective effort and I have not seen any instance where either myself or anybody have been boasting about crime going down. We don’t do that, the Minister made mention yes that the statistics are showing a reduction of so much in murders and that is the reality. You cannot cheat the police away from that, we are doing what we can and to say that we are not doing our job; I just don’t know what to say honestly.”