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Commissioner Williams is in Istanbul, Turkey for the 89th session of Interpol General Assembly

Police Commissioner Chester Williams is currently in Istanbul, Turkey for the 89th session of Interpol General Assembly. Williams is among law enforcement commanders from around the world where they are discussing best practices and the various crimes that plague the nations. We spoke with the Commissioner who went into details on the discussions taking place.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “What we looked at primarily were issues such as human trafficking, cyber crime, fraud, violence against children including the sexual exploitation of children, we also looked at drug trafficking and one of the main feature was to discuss the expansion of the eye check for Interpol. Eye check is normally used for the different law enforcement agencies across the globe to communicate with each other in respect to persons who are wanted or persons who for some reason or the other other countries may have interest in and we also looked at the whole issue of the different notices that Interpol issues like red notices and we had the elections of the new executive for Interpol. The representative from the United Arab Emirates was elected as the new president of Interpol. We also had the different vice presidents for the Americas, Europe as well as for Asia elected. So the meeting I must say was good. It was a success. I can say that there are many takeaways because we looked at for example what are some of the issues facing the different countries across the globe and what are their best practices to see how we can implement those in our respective jurisdictions. We had some bilateral meetings with different police organizations again to look at best practices as well as for us to be able to establish that network with each other. So I think that going forward it is good and certainly some of what has been shared here will be looked at when I get back to Belize along with my senior command to see how we can implement with a view to enhance our level of policing across the country.” Police Commissioner returns home to Belize this weekend.