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Commissioner Williams Makes Personnel Changes to Department

The work has begun already for Commissioner Williams as you know, he had played a vital role in the Mahogany Street aggravated burglary and hostage situation earlier in the week. He told the media about how he is restructuring the key players within the police department.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “The fact that I have a ascended to the post of commission then that will leave a chain of vacancies behind me and so you will know that we have restructured the Department recently where we have two deputies. It was myself and Mr. Brasta. Now it will by me moving up to Commissioner and Mr. Brasta becomes the First Deputy so he is the Deputy next to me. After Mr. Brasta you know Mr. Mariano who is going to be the Second Deputy, then we have Mr. Brasta who moves over as well to the Commander of National Operations and Crime because that desk is the desk of the Senior Deputy so he will be in charge of Operations and Crime and under Mr. Mariano. You have two persons who are going to be assistant commissioners: Mr. Myvett retains the role of Assistant Commissioner for Crimes and Mr. Marco Vidal will now take up the role of Assistant Commissioner for Operations. Mr. Mariano now takes over as Commander of Administration and under him you have Commander of Management Service and that is Assistant Commissioner of Police Mrs. Desiree Magdaleno and then under that now we will have the Planning Performance and Inspection Unit will now be merged with the legal office so it will now be Legal Planning Research Inspection and Implementation Unit and that will be headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police. Mr. Bartolomeo Jones has been topped to head that unit considering the fact that he is the legal advisor. Under him you have Mr. Rosado who will be his deputy and then you have different desks within that office to ensure that we create policies for the Department that are going to work in making us more effective and the implementation of that office will ensure that whatever policies we make are fully implemented because one of the major issues we are having is that of implementation. We have consultants that come in, we do our own policies and when it is done there is poor implementation so now that office is tasked to ensure that implementation goes through to the fullest. In the Eastern Division Mariano leaves vacancy again by coming to Belmopan. Mr. Alden Dawson has been topped to head of the Eastern Division Regional Commander. Mr. Alford Grinage moved over to JIACH and Assistant Sr. Superintendent Sandra Boden moves over to Southern Regional Commander. Mr. Lyndon Flowers remains at the Western Regional Commander, Mr. Castellanoes remain as the Northern Regional Commander. The vacancy left by division region three is now taken up by Sr. Superintendent of Police Lincoln Hemsley and so those are the changes in the Sr. Command.