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Commissioner Williams says no proof, no worries on drug allegations

On January 8th, Edward Martinez, who refers to himself as the “drug hunter” called a press conference where he made a string of allegations against top cops in the Police Department and political figures. However, Martinez failed to provide any solid proof to support his claims. Days after, Mexican media began publishing articles on these allegations and called some names. One of these media houses is ContraCorriente. Just yesterday, they published a video on their facebook page they say was sent to them from a reliable source. The night vision video is alleged to be a drug plane landing in Belize on October 2018. The video starts depicting a plane and a vehicle. People are seen moving around them and shortly after more vehicles arrive. The news outlet claims those vehicles are from the Belize Police department. However, the images are unclear and it is rather difficult to discern who is shown or the vehicles in question.  But the news outlet goes even further and calls out names. On Wednesday we asked Commissioner of police if this was of any concern to the department.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “I really and truly don’t know how to respond because I have not seen the publication by the Mexican media and I don’t have any evidence in my hand to say that the allegations made by Mr. Martinez are true until that can occur I don’t how to respond to.”

Dalilah Ical: “ Meanwhile however these articles are putting a black eye on Belize internationally.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “I don’t see how it can put a black eye on Belize if there is no proof. I am sure that the international world do have people with understanding and also understand that you don’t put a black on somebody like these allegations where there is nothing to substantiate. People can come and tell me all kind of things about you right now but I can’t say anything about you until  I can see the proof so I really and truly can’t see how that can affect us as a nation and give us a black eye.”