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Commissioner Williams Says the Police is Willing to Assist Business Owners in Protecting their Property

Police Commissioner Chester Williams also addressed the increased number of armed robberies. Williams says that the department is willing to work with businesses to keep their employees safe and protect their property.
Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The robberies have been a pain in the butt I must say and we have advised these business establishments that do deliveries that when they want to do deliveries contact us we are going to provide free police escort to you providing that it is within the same area if you need to go out district and do delivery then you can hire police to go along with you but we if you are in Belize city and you need to do delivery within Belize city or in Belmopan within Belmopan, in San Ignacio within San Ignacio we are going to provide free delivery security for you while you do your delivery and again it is being done with a view to help to avoid these incidents. We rather help prevent than having to investigate so I want the business places to take advantage of the opportunity we’re giving them to use the services we are offering to them free of cost to make sure that they can do the deliveries without being robbed and we have seen in some of these incidents where it is inside job. The same people on the delivery truck are the ones who are setting up these robberies so it is hard but we must respond and we must do what needs to be done to minimize them from occurring. And that’s what we’re going to continue to do.”