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Communication Component on Climate Change Needs Strengthening

The efforts being made by various organizations including the Government of Belize and the investments being put into climate change adaptations have been countless.  It is a phenomenon that is being attributed to the changes in weather worldwide and a major factor when it comes to marine life, agriculture and the environment.  If not urgently tackled, experts are saying that the situation can worsen in the years to come.  Carlos Fuller who works with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre says that while entities like the United Nations would not force anything upon Belize, they are there to lend support towards initiatives that have the same objectives for climate change adaptation.


“The common approach should always be a country driven approach. A climate change center,  a UN, should never impose on a country what should be done; that has to come from the government and people of Belize and it is that interaction that we need to support. So for example the center tries to provide support not only to Belize but to the other CARICOM countries because we have a uniformed system in place whether it’s CXCs, a health system, meteorology … all those things we try to support at a regional level so that they can strengthen the national processes in the country. I agree that is where we need to also strengthen the communication component of it. So we do try to assist the government of Belize in addressing the curriculum. Can we integrate climate change into the curriculum just like we did with Hurricane awareness? Every school child knows about hurricanes because we got it through various processes. Similarly we need to tackle climate change the same way so when you’re looking at all these cars driving around, these buses that are very inefficiently, when we look at how we waste water, we just keep on running taps not realizing that yes we are wasting water but we need an energy pump to pump the water so we need to get that instilled into the children and into the public so that they can really implement it because it will never be the government to implement it, it will be the people on the ground whether it’s a laborer or whether it’s the owner of a major business they are the ones who actually have to implement it.”

Fuller went on to concede that while all the authorities on the issue are meeting and coming up with plans of action, there is the lack of communication and education with the citizenry as it relates to how the everyday lifestyles of residents can fuel climate change.


Everyday activities can ease the effects of climate change, ranging from the amount of water you use since much energy is used in pumping and treating water; to composting food and yard waste to reduce the amount of garbage sent to the landfills thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Energy savers can also come about by turning off computers and monitors and the unplugging of chargers in outlets when not in use.