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Communication Shuts Down Between Fyffes and Meridian Enterprises

The group of persons gathered in front of the police station in San Ignacio earlier today is nothing compared to what is expected come tomorrow afternoon at the Big Creek Port in southern Belize.  As we told you yesterday, there are over one thousand workers who have been forced to stay home since last Thursday following the fallout between Fyffes, the international banana Distributor Company and Meridian Enterprises of Belize.  It is indeed a very grave situation as not only the men and women are out of a job but the communication channels between both parties have been completely severed with no room for negotiations.  Jose David Gonzalez is a Director at Meridian Enterprises and he told Love News that he has made several attempts in reasoning with the international distributor.


“All communication channels have been closed with Fyffes in Europe.  So the only speck of hope is that the message tomorrow of the people will resonate across the pond and into Europe and public sentiment and public opinion will force them to give these people a transitional period of at least six months so that they can plan for the rest of their lives and so that they can have funds saved enough that they can move to greener pastures. I personally wrote them a letter saying to them that my wish was that the headlines would read “Meridian Enterprise loses fruit buying contract from Fyffes”.  I did not want the headlines to read, “Fyffes ends contracts and displaces thousands of banana workers”. I was very happy to pack my bags and move on and let them install another management team of their liking but they did not respond and so honestly I gave them ample opportunity to find another course of action that would not cause this collateral damage in the form of human beings losing their livelihoods.”