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Community meets with Police to address crime situation

On Tuesday, more than thirty residents of the Collet Area participated in a community meeting facilitated by Eastern Division South of the Belize Police Department. These meetings were planned with the intent to see how officers can work along with the communities in order to tackle the crime problem in the area. The same was done last night in a separate meeting with residents of Conch Shell Bay and Lindo’s Alley. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, shared more.


ACP Chester Williams – OC Eastern Division South

“So what we had been doing to see how we can quell the situations within these two communities is to see how best we can reach out to the community members through community meetings.  We had a meeting in Antelope Street Extension on Tuesday in the evening.  I must say that attendance was great and we had one for the Conch Shell Bay community yesterday evening here at the Raccoon Street Conference Room, that again the turnout was great.  In both community meetings we were able to express to the community members what it is that we are doing in the respective communities to make it more safer for them. We also take suggestions and ideas from them as to what they believe we can  do to be able to make their community safer and I must say.  I am very happy to have the support of Honorable Tracy Panton she has been very instrumental with us in the Conch Shell Bay area and she also attended the meeting with us yesterday and she too had her message to the community members to give them that reassurance from her standpoint as to what she can do, working in collaboration with us, in the Conch Shell Bay community. The main thing of concern where my message is concerned to them was to let them focus more on those things that bring them together, things that they have in common rather than to focus on things that divide them and I think the message as well received.”

At the end of the meetings, community members decided to form neighborhood watch groups.

ACP Chester Williams – OC Eastern Division South

“The way how we want the neighborhood watch group to be structured, we want it to be structured in such a way that there will be a youth arm of the neighborhood watch committee. The youth arm will be tasked with the responsibility to bring all the youths in the community together and we know that because of the shortage of land space it is difficult to have football in the respective communities but what we will do is that we will organize different teams within these communities and we will take them into other communities to play competition football or basketball and in the Antelope area we are working with Ms. Faith Babb who is very instrumental in that are as well to see how best they can assist us in the Antelope Street Extension area to be able to do some of the activities that we want to do. So we will be looking at basketball tournaments, football tournaments, we will be looking at field trips with the young people because at the end of the day we must focus on the younger folks and see how best we can reach out to them. I have also tasked the community policing officers to go into these communities and recruit the young boys and girls into the police cadet ,that way we can have them under our wings and we can monitor them and see how we can guide them to become productive citizens rather than them being out there and recruited by persons who may want to use them to commit criminal acts.”