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A community mourns Dwayne Cummings

In just seventy-eight hours, Belize lost two promising young minds to gun violence.  The most recent occurred on Saturday night just before twelve thirty with the shooting death of  20-year-old, Dwayne Avila-Cummings.  The pains of Cummings death were expressed throughout the weekend, particularly on social media, as parents, schoolmates and teachers posted on the tragic loss the country has suffered in this latest homicide.  Cummings was a student/athlete at the University of Belize and a former player for the UB Jaguars.  UB’s President, Clement Sankat, issued a release over the weekend expressing disappointment and sadness over Cummings’ sudden demise.  About seventy-eight hours prior to Cummings’ murder, the community and the University of Belize were dealing with the death of another student, 19-year-old, Masaki Yanaai, who was a part of the engineering department at UB.  President Sankat noted, “these senseless killings must stop. It is destroying the fabric of our society, especially our promising young students. This loss has once again reminded us that security is also everyone’s business.”  End of quote.  His Orange Walk basketball family have also been devastated. Cummings attended Muffles College High School and today the institution sent out a release in the wake of his murder. Cummings was also a star athlete at that high school where he, quote, “led his team to rejoice in many victories and was the recipient of the Eloy Avila Athlete of the Year award at graduation in 2014.  He remained an active friend of Muffles College by assisting in the coaching of our varsity teams,” unquote. The high school officials condemn his violent murder saying quote, “Dwayne’s untimely death is a tragic reminder that as a country we are failing our young people,” unquote.  Those who knew Dwayne, the athlete in Orange Walk town say his death is a blow to the community.

Ladrick Shepard: “You are not going to hear Dwayne Cummings giving trouble to anybody. He comes from a very respected family: Maestro Cummings his mother Delsia Cummings these are respected sports people that love sports and give their hearts to sports. Orange Walk is upset and they would like to find out what happened, why Dwayne? Why would they want to pick on someone like Dwayne. That is the question we that is puzzling everyone’s mind right now. I don’t think Orange Walk is going to be happy for quite a while.

Raul Rosado CEO Running Rebels: “It is a shocking event. The one that challenges us. We are in the business of promoting positive activities for the community and it strikes me when a young man just shooted up for a game, stays at the game, does his part, enjoying what he does, walks out of the complex and a few hours later you hear that he is found dead. That circumstance is very heartbreaking. I think a lot has to be done in the community to prevent these types of things because regardless of what is the outcome in my mind and in my eyes he was an innocent guy. He did not trouble anyone so why was he dealt with in that way.”

Muffles College has organized a tribute to Dwayne Cummings at the high school campus for Tuesday February 12. The event is open to the public////