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Community police hands over hamper

The Toledo Community Policing Unit this morning made another generous presentation to a family of four in Punta Gorda.

Paul Mahung reporting…

The presentation of a food hamper was made to the mother of the family by personnel in charge of Punta Gorda Community Policing Unit Therese Allen.

Therese Allen – PG Community Policing

“In continuation of our monthly hamper give away, this month’s recipient is Ms. Sofia Taylor who is an unemployed single mother of three. Ms. Taylor has fallen on hard times and as a result she has been selected as this month’s recipient and we are sure that it will be greatly appreciated by her. The police department will continue to extend a helping hand to deserving members of this community to enhance the relationship of the police and the community.

Paul Mahung, Love News

 In addition to the hamper project what other ongoing activity are activities are you engaged in?

Therese Allen – PG Community Policing

“On the 27th of August between the hours of 5:30pm and 7:00pm a neighborhood watch meeting for zone three was held at the residence of Mr. Charles Selgado. We discussed matters such as the upgrading of streets, lighting improvement in the area and abandoned lots. Eight persons were present at that meeting, they were also assured that the neighborhood watch program revived and will never go dormant.

Paul Mahung – Love News

“The recipient of the hamper was Sofia Taylor who expressed words of gratitude.

Sofia Taylor

“Heart felt thank you to the Belize Police Department and all who helped to put this basket together. I am most grateful because it will help my kids to go to school with a full stomach and it is a very good program because it will come in handy when you least expect it to several people.