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Community/Police relationship healing?

And what of the relationship between the police and residents in these areas of focus? As the public may recall, following the spate of shootings on the weekend of March 17 in which Kendis Flowers was gunned down, uncertainty covered the City. Residents of Mayflower Street in particular were at odds with police and expressed no confidence in the department. Today, over a month later, DCP Williams says that the work continues to restore the department’s relationship with the public.

DCP Chester Williams, Operations Commander: “I will tell you that for the most part majority of Belizeans were in support of the police in what took place in MayFlower and like I’ve said before I hold no qualms with them over how they feel, I continue to respect them and since then I have reached out to them and they have reached out to me and we are on good terms. The situation between us and them I believe has gone away significantly. Yes there may still be one or two persons in the area who might not want to be welcoming to the police but again that is expected, that does not mean that as police officers we are going to turn our backs on them. We will still try to see what we can do to convince them to be on our sides because at the end of the day we need as much persons on our side as we could get so we are not going to write off any community and say ‘we are not going to fool with them.’ or ‘we are going to stay out of there.’ it is our duty to go into the communities to try to solicit the help of the people within that community and that is what we continue to do.”