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Commuters will soon enjoy a more comfortable commute

Those of you who use public transportation know it can be unreliable from time to time and very uncomfortable with a limited amount of buses traversing our highways. Many commuters tend to stand from the time they get on till they arrive at their destination. The transport department is working to make persons’ commute a lot more comfortable and safe. Valan Hyde, Registration and Licensing Officer at the Department of Transport explains that commuters may see changes early next year.

Valan Hyde, Registration and Licensing Officer at the Department of Transport: “One of the things that we have been looking at is putting something in place that could tell us the number of people on the bus, have some kind of GPS on the bus to know when it’s coming? Where it is? and also introducing some kind of ticketing system that will ensure that when you come to the terminal you buy a ticket for a seat and you get that seat, in that way avoiding the rush that we presently have. We are looking at that very keenly and trying to figure out how we will do it.

Hyde added that the Department of Transport is embracing technology in order to better improve its services and it is utilizing current technology and has created an app to meet the demands of today’s tech savvy customers.

Valan Hyde, Registration and Licensing Officer at the Department of Transport: “The Bus App has been created is one whereby you can go to the Apple store and buy this app or you get it on your phone and it is going to hard drive soon but at present it is only on the Apple store. You just plug in whatever destination you are looking for. If you want Corozal to Belize City or Belize to Dangriga you just plug in the origin and destination and it will give you the various times that the different buses will be leaving, which bus is going and then from there you can go and get that particular bus so you don’t have to be over there and asking what time the bus is going, you can know before you leave home.

Hyde said that the department is also demanding that the bus owners improve their bus fleet.