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Companies Associated with the PM Say They Paid All Taxes

Two companies associated with Prime Minister John Briceno issued a release today disputing the BNTU’s claims that taxes are owed to the government. SMART says that the report that it owes eleven million dollars in GST taxes is false. The company says that as of April 15, it has no outstanding GST taxes. The release says (quote) as a responsible corporate citizen, we have always ensured that we are compliant in the payment of our general sales tax obligations. (unquote) Another of Briceno’s company that disputed the teachers’ claims is Centaur Communications Corporation Limited in Orange Walk. The company says that it has paid all taxes and fees. Centaur adds that it has (quote) “remained committed to schools in Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize districts by providing free cable and internet access and continues to offer reduced internet service rates to in need students.” End of quote.