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Complaints against the President of NICH continue to mount

Sapnah Budhrani, the President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) has been under attack ever since taking that post.  The latest attack came from the Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow who expressed concerns over Budhrani’s ability to function in her dual role as President and Administrator of NICH.Today, the Minister of Culture, Patrick Faber, Budrani’s boss, defended her.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Culture: “All I will say on the matter is that it was unfortunate that those comments were made. I think my record as a Minister in this Government of the UDP under Prime Minister Barrow speaks for itself in terms of the portfolio that I manage. I often do my best; always do my best to ensure that we have accountability and good capable leadership and I continue to say that I have the utmost confidence in Sapnah Budhrani’s leadership there. Now that leadership might not go so well for some people who have an agenda and where it is that she is firm and trying to put in place good strong policies that will uplift the institution. In the past we have had those issues of risk management and not having the proper accountability and that is what she is tasked to do and all I will say is that I continue to have that type of confidence in her leadership and again the comments made by the musical ambassador were rather unfortunate.”

Faber added that he continues to have confidence in Budrani. The Christian Workers Union (CWU) also weighed in on Budrani’s capabilities. A release from the CWU says members of the Union who work at the Institute of Archaeology have expressed frustration over the sluggish progress on proposals for better terms and conditions. Furthermore, the release stated that there has been a long standing lack of proper accountability and transparency in the way the Institute operates. The release claims that Budhrani is dismissive and disrespectful towards her staff. As we reported, Budhrani is yet to respond to the allegations.  When we contacted her office earlier today we were told, once again, she is in a meeting.