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COMPOL Believes PG Strategy on Crime is Working

At the beginning of March Commissioner of Police Chester Williams officiated a town hall style meeting in Punta Gorda with residents to discuss the increase in violent crime. Prior to that in late February, the Commissioner indicated that gang involvement in criminal activities in the south appeared to be on the rise. Special units were deployed to the south and we asked the Compol if there had been any changes observed since the new strategy had been implemented

Jose Sanchez: “We were discussing gangs and crime particularly in southern PG. How is the strategy going? I know that it has been a couple weeks but has anything been implemented or is being done differently in regards to the increase in crime that we are seeing in Punta Gorda.”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Well you can see that there is not much reports coming out of PG any more in terms of criminal activities. We sent in members of the S.P.U. to do operations to target the different gang groups. I have also promised that we will be sending Police officers down there once every two weeks. I am proud to say that yesterday the S.P.U. went up to Punta Gorda Town and they are in Punta Gorda Town right now. They are operating within that area again as a part of the new crime fighting strategy to be able to contain the crime fighting strategy within the Punta Gorda Town and the Toledo District.”

Today, the Compol is heading to Jamaica with Mr. Bart Jones and Inspector Reece from the Domestic Violence Unit on official police business.