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COMPOL & Chinese Community discuss safety measures

On Sunday afternoon at least one hundred Chinese business owners met with representatives of the Belize Police Department’s high command in Belize City. These include Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs retired Lieutenant Colonel George Lovell, Operations Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, and Southside Commander Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal. This comes in the wake of the murder of Chinese businessman, 58 year-old Bainan Wu who was killed during a robbery at his grocery store two weeks ago. Edmund Quan, Chairman of the Belize Chinese Association told us more about the meeting and why it was deemed necessary by the Chinese business community.


Edmund Quan – Chairman of Belize Chinese Association

“The number one concern is security. Safeguarding property and life which we had a very nice amount of suggestions and stuff like that which we are going to make changes for easy communication, you know language barrier is another thing where they will contact the association immediately for us to relay the message and different little things that can assist for future problems. We have representatives from different places, Orange Walk, Corozal and stuff like that that come here because it’s a Belize thing it’s not just, we are not here just because of our concerns but we want a safer Belize for everybody and because the majority of business out there is Chinese we are at the front line.”


“How far are you willing to push to ensure that whatever is discussed here and in future meetings does actually materialized.”

Edmund Quan – Chairman of Chinese Association

“Well we are willing to push all out, we are always willing to push all out. Once its for the benefit of the entire community we are here to support it.”

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was present for the meeting and told us more about the department’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all businesses.


Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“Looked at ways forward in terms of how we can improve the cooperation between the Belize Police Department, the Ministry and the Chinese Association and their business community. So the issues raised they are business people and of course being business people they are being targeted by the criminal element so we look in terms of some of the things that twe will be assisting in terms of the patrols and stepping up the patrols and we’ve made some suggestion in terms of greater use of technology by the Chinese business community that we believe that those things will also act as a deterrent as well as help us in making cases when crime does occur at their establishments. Whilst the Chinese Association and the business people did make some direct appeal to us in terms of the issues they are facing our strategy has to be looked at holistically not just to address the Chinese but the entire cabinet and that is what we are aiming to do.”