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Compol Condemns San Ignacio Officers’ Response in Case of Missing Teen

Since last week we have been telling you of the missing 17-year-old from San Ignacio who has been missing since March 11, 2017.  The family of Daniel Bennett has been appealing to the media for some days now as they had not been getting any cooperation from the police in that municipality.  Love News mentioned the incident to the Commissioner of Police where the mother was turned back from making a missing person’s report as the system was down at the station.  We also told him of the explanation given to the mother, Salustiana Jimenez that the officers were busy with another case.  Commissioner Allen Whylie condemned the response from the police.


Following the press conference the family was contacted by the Western Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Andrew Ramirez as well as the National Commander for the Crimes Investigative Branch, ACP Joseph Myvette who have committed to working with them in locating the missing boy.