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Compol Confirms Plane Landing

The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has confirmed that a suspected drug plane landed in the northern part of the country last Friday. The burnt remains of the aircraft were found in the Southern Part of the Corozal District in an area near Camp 33, close to the Mennonite community of Little Belize. According to authorities, the plane had landed sometime before eleven-thirty on a feeder road that was converted into a make-shift airstrip using led light packs. According to Compol Williams the department searched the area for up to three days but none of the plane’s illicit cargo were found.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:We receive information via the joint intelligence operations center of an air craft coming from South America toward our direction. Based on the information obtained the joint intelligence operations center coordinated the different teams to be deployed in various parts of the country that we would suspect this aircraft would land. Now the information from what I had been told came in a bit late when the joint operation center got the information the plane was one hour east of Corozal district and to be able to mobilize would have required more than an hour so you would see that they did not have sufficient time to insert the teams in the different areas. Nonetheless the Mexicans requested permission to enter our air space so that they can assist in the tracking of the aircraft. Shortly after we got the information the aircraft disappeared off the radar and the Mexican air asset could not have detected it either and so for a very long period of time there was no information updating the team about the location of the aircraft. Around 4am thereabout the Mexican air asset left our air space having not been able to locate the aircraft and so we were of the belief that the aircraft might have gone over Belize and went either to Guatemala or Mexico. Sometime around 7 a.m. on Friday morning we received a call that an aircraft was seen burning in the area of Little Belize. The teams were quickly mobilized and sent to the location where the burnt remains of an aircraft was found. The team proceeded to conduct intense operations within the area with the hope of locating whatever cargo may have came on that plane. Our operation lasted for two to three days and yielded nothing. So with that we withdrew from the area. We do believe that the content of the plane was drugs but we cannot confirm, that is our belief as what happened is consistent with what is normally done with these drug planes. The Mexican authority were in the picture and they too conducted operations on their side of the border and they too yielded nothing from the operation.”