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Police Commissioner Whylie: “Fighting Crime is a Constant Challenge”

In the past few weeks, we have been reporting on the escalation of crime, specifically in Southside Belize City. According to Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, the escalation of crime is as a result of gangs feuding for turfs and drugs.

Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police: “It is a fluid situation, it is a volatile situation, and a number of persons have been shot and killed. The difficulty as I said is that the way our system is set up, it requires certain witnesses etc. to be able to build a case. We also require forensic which both things have not been forthcoming and so whilst we have good information in terms of the players behind these incidents and what is fueling it which is basically as you alluded to; they fight for turf to sell drugs as well as the fact that it is said the persons that have received drugs failed to make the necessary reimbursement for those drugs. So we have brought additional human resources to Belize City, and those officers have been deployed in that area but you must understand that it is not isolated to that area whenever the police are there in heavy numbers then there is displacement. And so it is a constant challenge to be able to look at the information we have and how to strategize and put our resources where we believe it is best suited. And indeed as was eluded to in our earlier conversation, whilst you cannot quantify to say how many incidents the police may have stopped or how many lives may have been saved we do know that if the police are not deployed and they are not on the ground and they’re not involved in the patrols and the stop and search then the situations would be far first.”