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ComPol is firm in decision and goes to court to face Police Association

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that he stands firm in his decision as it pertains to the change in limiting the term served as chairman on the Police Association to two terms and the request for the accounting records of the Association. In response, the Association Chairman, Eldon Arzu, who has been in that position for seven years is taking the Commissioner to the Supreme Court. Justice Shona Griffith will hear the claim next Thursday and the court will decide whether the Statutory Instrument has retroactive effect or is prospective, meaning it starts counting from the time it was signed.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “I am not going to have any gala with anybody because at the end of the day whatever instructions have been given to Mr. Arzu are well in line with the Police Act, well in line with the Police rules and so I stand behind the decision that the previous Commissioner has made as it relates to the accounts of the Police Association. Officers are inquiring what is becoming of their money that they are paying and they have a right to know. Mr. Arzu who was the Chairman then is responsible for it and he must account for the money of these officers that they had payed to the Association.”

Reporter: “And the tenure issue?”

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams:“ As it relates to the tenure it is a decision that was made by the previous Commissioner and the SI was passed. I signed it because it had finished drafted after I became Commissioner. I fully support it and so I signed it and it is in effect.”

And while that is his stand, a leaked letter to the media proves that the Association responded to the previous commissioner’s request. And, it was not only signed by Arzu alone, but by the entire 7-member Central Board of the Association.//////