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COMPOL: “Fitzroy’s Claims are being Investigated”

Yesterday Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, who once formed part of the Press Unit of the Police Department, spoke against the high command when he called into a morning talk show. Inspector Flowers expressed support for the media boycott, saying that the press unit has been muzzled. Today, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie told the media that Fitzroy’s claims are being investigated.

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie: “I have heard what Mr. Yearwood said and I have directed the commander of the Professional Standards Branch that he must investigate and he will be submitting his findings and recommendations. The police department is a discipline organization. If any officer is disaffected, he or she knows the process to seek remedy. I can tell you that I have never been approached by Mr. Yearwood complaining of any wrong or injustice done to him. We do have policies governing certain behavior and actions and Mr. Williams will be looking at that.”