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Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

Compol Goes South Following Spike in Gun Violence

Police Commissioner Chester Williams is in Dangriga Town meeting with his officers regarding the recent spike in gun violence in that southern municipality.   Stann Creek Correspondent Harry Arzu met up with the Commissioner this morning to get an overview of his concerns and plans for the area.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: I am here to meet with the senior command in Dangriga to see how we can formulate a plan to be able to address the ongoing feud between the different groups in Dangriga Town. I will also be doing a walkthrough of the New Site area which seems to be one of the most problematic areas and Lakeland and meet with residents to see what are their issues as well as what ideas or recommendations they may have for the police to be able to address their security concerns. I have been following social media and I have seen where people of Dangriga Town are extremely concerned about the ongoing violence that is occurring within this municipality and as a department it is our duty to see what can be done to be able to address the security concerns of the residents of Dangriga Town. I also spoke with the area rep Dr.Zabaneh who could not make it today as he have other duties in Belmopan and we have discussed a way forward in terms of how we are going to address some of the issues and I should be coming back to Dangriga on a day when he will be available to see what can be done. But I believe that the time have also come for us to decentralize the police in Dangriga in the sense that the town has expanded significantly and we believe that just having this one central police station at this location is not providing the level of service we need to be able to effectively police Dangriga Town. So I’ll be looking at the New Site area to see if we can put a police booth there and perhaps one in Lakeland and whenever the recruit squad that will be going into training in the next few weeks graduate from the academy Dangriga and Belize City are going to be the two primary focus because we need to ensure that we do what needs to be done in Dangriga Town to prevent Dangriga from becoming the next Belize City.”