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COMPOL: GSU will continue to be a part of the police force

The Police Department’s Commissioner Allen Whylie met yesterday with the Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit, GSU, Superintendent Andres Makin to start the process of “re-purposing” that arm of the Department. The Prime Minister made the announcement following the appearance of Kelvin Usher who went missing for several days after he got lost in the forest when he and his father Cameron Usher came under gunfire from GSU personnel who were in the area to destroy a marijuana plantation. That incident brought the GSU under serious scrutiny but that wasn’t the first time the unit has been highly criticized. Over the years, the unit has been accused of use of excessive force and police brutality. The public and even the Opposition People’s United Party have asked that the unit be disbanded but the Commissioner said on Wednesday that is not likely to happen.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“Obviously as the name indicates its primary focus should be the gangs. The gangs and the drugs and the drug trade are interrelated so there are connections but as I indicated I will be speaking with the officer and we will see what we need to do in terms of ensuring that there is no doubt in terms of what their primary tasking and focus should be on.”


“So there is no intention of doing away with that unit of the department?”

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

“Not to my knowledge at this time.”

Opposition Leader John Briceno has told the media that once the PUP takes over government, they will do away with that unit of the department.