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COMPOL: “I Have Never Compromised Myself Professionally”

On Friday last, Area Representative for Lake Independence Cordel Hyde told the nation that the top cop of this country failed a lie detector test that was conducted by the US back in 2008. That top cop is Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie. Hyde spoke about a letter that was written by former US Ambassador to Belize Robert Dieter, who wrote that Whylie failed the polygraph. The Commissioner addressed the matter today in a single statement. We note that he does not deny taking the test but he does question the authenticity of the letter.

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie: “I do recall many years ago volunteering for a polygraph test. I took that test and that was that was the end of that matter. I had never seen the results after the test; it was never ever conveyed to me or shared with me. I cannot even say at this point in time the document that was Whatsapped to me or the portions are a genuine document. I don’t know where it came from but I can tell you that one of the word that struck me in that document was the word ‘interrogation’ and you can look at all my public statement, it’s a word that I don’t use because I associate the word interrogation with threats and the use of force. I always use the word ‘interviews’ because we use interviews on suspects whenever we are carrying out investigations. I have never compromised myself personally; I have never compromised myself professionally. I think that everybody who knows me in my 49 years of existence and my almost 31 years of existence, those who know who Allen Wiley is and there are certain things he will never ever do.”

Speaking on the topic as well was Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Retired Lieutenant George Lovell.

CEO George Lovell: “I don’t know the context under which these things were done. Polygraph and certain test are done for certain purposes and one can fail or pass a test on certain ways on which you answer certain questions. So I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I can tell you too that the practices, if the people who have done those polygraph tested for us especially Americans were so concerned about the results they will tell you right way that listen that individual cannot be benefiting from any of the programs and training and various things that we have. That’s what they had done with a number of the ones that I have had contact with since 2010 that did not pass their test and they would explain why. And so it is in my mind something that you have to look at it in its own case, you have to look at the situation why it was asked in the first instance; I was unaware the reason the polygraph was done.”